Lifestream Detox kit.

It’s that time again!

So who could benefit from taking Lifestream Cleanse?

  • anyone suffering irregularity
  • digestive upsets
  • bloating
  • wind
  • have bad breath
  • feel sluggish and tired
  • skin troubles
  • those looking for better weight management

What is so unique about the Lifestream Cleanse Pack?

  1. It works! You will get an improved bowel function and better energy levels.
  2. A – You get your aloe vera to help with any bloating and to give you that soothing, calming start to the day.
  3. B – BowelBiotics+ gives you the fibre to help you go more than once daily and the prebiotics and probiotics for good healthy intestinal balance. Many other bowel products contain sugars and artificial sweeteners.
  4. C – Chlorella gives you the richest source of chlorophyll and vitamin D ‘the sunshine vitamin’ as well as a range of natural vitamins and minerals.

Only natural ingredients – no sugars, flavours or preservatives.

Buy your Lifestream Detox kit in February and we will give you a Lifestream Advanced Probiotic FREE!

This expertly designed Advanced Probiotic helps maintain optimum microflora with 14 strains. Advanced probiotics are micro-encapsulated, so remain stable in acid conditions found in the stomach for true efficacy, and are potent throughout the shelf life. This eliminates the need for this product to be refrigerated.

Who might benefit from taking Lifestream Advanced Probiotic?

  • Those undergoing antibiotic therapy
  • Experiencing natural hormonal fluctuations
  • Diet not quite right
  • Stress related symptoms
  • Infections and illness
  • Digestive and bowel upsets or irregular bowel motions