Fantastic Result for a valued Feilding customer

Here is Teresa from our Feilding store with an amazing success story. Teresa has been helping a customer with her program and she was so ecstatic with the result she came in and gave Teresa this beautiful bouquet.

“For the first time in years someone has finally listened and helped me”

What a fantastic result and a great testimony.

Newsletter a winner!

And while we are on some great stories, one of our lovely customers emailed in the other day.

“Just wanted to say, I love your Newsletter. Keep it coming.”

Thanks Yvonne we have sent a $10.00 gift voucher out to you for that lovely feed back.

We switch our focus to our far southern store – Health for Life in Lambton Square.

Probiotic wins at Lambton Square

Catherine has had great success with her customer who has a chronic fungal skin infection. Catherine recommended a probiotic with saccharomyces and  her customer was pleased report it was much improved.

Colloidal Silver – for the WHOLE family

Kate had a pet with an eye infection.  She recommended colloidal silver drops and it improved in no time.

Alternatives do the job

Claudio’s customer presented with chronic back pain and didn’t want to go down the pharmaceutical track. The customer was given Weleda Musclar Gel. He came back after a few days to let Claudio know his condition had improved.

We love to hear the great results we get from our consultations. Please feel free to come in, phone or email us with your success. Your success is our success.