Our in store services are proving very popular.  These non-invasive personal services are to help you achieve your health objectives and are free of charge to customer club members.

Wrap Round Weight Management

Join us for the 8 week challenge. Many of our team members are taking up the challenge as well.
You can win in so many ways.

You can start at any time (just when its right for you). When you start you will receive our starter pack which is a shaker, isowhey satchets, bars, and your goal card. You will get an 8 week card to be stamped with each weigh in. We have the best scales, advice and supplements to help you along your journey.

Your card will be stamped each visit and half way through you will receive a reward from us for making it that far. When you reach 8 weeks you will receive another reward from us for sticking it out. And another really good incentive for you is once that 8 week challenge is finished, you can do another 8 weeks and receive all these goodies all over again!
Come on join the team.