Ocean Green Organic Seaweed Capsules.

Mother Nature’s ultimate Multi-Vitamin

Nourishing your body from the inside out – a healthier mind & body for peak performance, this 100% Pure New Zealand Seaweed Supplement is the ‘ultimate’ thyroid superfood capsule.

Ocean Green Seaweed Capsules provide a totally natural and organic way to improving your health – thyroid issues, skin inflammations, better gut health, boosting energy levels, strengthening immune systems, healthier hair, skin and nails, just to name a few.

This Botanical Marine Mineral Supplement is sourced from the nutrient-dense ocean waters of the Southern Pacific shores of New Zealand.

Benefits include:

  • Healthy Thyroid support– world’s most potent source of iodine. Regulates and normalizes metabolism.
  • Helps improve digestive health – maintains a healthy digestive system, supports the absorption of nutrients, prebiotic effects on the gut health. Wards off constipation and shields against harmful bacteria.
  • Weight loss/control –  it possesses anti-obesity effects. Helps reduce appetite naturally.
  • Stimulates and maintains healthier skin, hair and nails.
  • Anti-oxidant – a treasure trove of anti-oxidant properties – assists in detoxing chemicals/toxins from your body on a daily basis.
  • Helps control high blood pressure
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties – soothes and repairs some skin conditions.
  • Helps regulate hormones – particularly beneficial for women assisting with everyday wellness and internal balance.
  • Helps general well-being by improving energy levels and vitality in times of stress.