Health For Life is Anti Pollution

Cotton buds or q tips usually have a totally unnecessary plastic stick which is why there are moves to ban their sale along with plastic drinking straws and other single-use plastics.

Each year 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic world wide.

A small, plastic straw – It’s something that comes with most beverages that we order, from soft drinks to even a glass of water.

Though at first a small plastic straw that often comes unrequested with beverages that we order may not seem like a lot, when its usage is added up, plastic straws create a huge problem for the environment.

Degrading is just the process of breaking down into smaller pieces. When plastic degrades, the bulk of the plastic will seem to disappear. However, what’s really happening is the plastic is breaking into smaller, invisible pieces that will always still be on our Earth.

Plastic straws take up to 200 years to degrade, but will never completely disappear, as plastics are not biodegradable. To make matters worse, the degrading of plastic releases chemicals that are toxic to wildlife and the environment.

As they are composed largely of the plastic polypropylene, cotton buds are a part of the wider plastic pollution problem.

In response to this issue, Johnson & Johnson has vowed to stop selling plastic cotton buds in favour of paper, which is biodegradable.

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, we will be able to enjoy a drink through a completely natural biodegradable straw, but until then I will be drinking my water straight from the glass.

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