Mothers’ Day is a Special Day

Naturally glowing skin always seems to top the list when it comes to skincare goals. At Living Nature, they have general rule of thumb tips which include ensuring you remove all traces of makeup, exfoliating and eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking plenty of water.

As you age, your skin’s connective tissue reduces and leads to a reduction in elasticity and strength – say hello to wrinkles! The effects of ageing combined with lack of sleep can lead to skin looking even more dull and drab. While you sleep, your body boosts blood flow to your skin to aid in skin regeneration and rejuvenation, so when you have less sleep it causes a decrease in blood flow which leads to skin looking dull. Busy social calendars, parenting, and not switching off from work are all culprits when it comes to lack of sleep, and Living Nature encourages you to make sleep a priority for your skin’s health and overall well-being. Also try to surround yourself with positive, glass-is-always-full people.

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