Customer feedback has been fantastic

Last newsletter we introduced you to Nutralife Gut Health

Nutra-Life Gut Health relieves indigestion and supports healthy digestive function. This great tasting formula from Nutra-Life contains Prebiotics, Glutamine and Slippery Elm to soothe and support.

“I have been on losec for about 10 years now.  Mostly it was keeping my indigestion at bay.  I received my email newsletter from Health for Life last month and I decided to give this product a go.  I was pleased to go back into the store to purchase another pot, losec free and having heaps more energy as I was not feeling the discomfort I had a month ago.  This discomfort was making be grumpy and lacking energy to even go for an evening walk.   After only a week or so I was feeling perky and have resumed my walks and more.”     – Andrew Green