The benefits of the Broad Bean

At this time of the year it’s great to clear a space for some Broad Bean planting. The Broad bean produces a delicious and abundant food crop. Broad beans are also used as a cover crop to protect delicate soil, because they grow quickly and produce a great deal of lush foliage. In addition, like most legumes, broad beans are nitrogen fixers, and they replenish the soil with this vital nutrient.

Broad beans are great steamed and served with olive oil, salt, and lemon. They can also be added to soups and pastas, ground into purees, grilled, or enjoyed in a risotto.

When the beans are small they can be picked like peas. It’s a good idea, and really nutritious too, to pick the top of the foliage, which looks like spinach and can be steamed and eaten the same way. this will cause the plant to stop growing upwards and the energy will go back into the beautiful beans.

Broad beans are a good source of protein fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium and iron.