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Some of our Eco-Friendly Ranges

At all Health for Life we are all about sustainability.  Here are just some of our eco friendly ranges.

Jasmine & Coconut Moisturising Body Lotion

A beautiful, plastic-free moisturiser alternative. Our moisturising body lotions are sold wrapped in gorgeous beeswax wraps. No plastic bottles or wrapping in sight.

To use: Rub over skin to moisturise. Bar will melt on to skin naturally with your body heat, and will absorb in to your skin in minutes, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Contains: shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut & jasmine natural fragrance oils

To store: wrap bar in beeswax wrap and store in a dry place

Bubblegum Bodywash Bar

A soap-free bodywash in bar form. Zero waste and plastic-free! Sold wrapped in a funky beeswax wrap which then becomes an excellent way to store your bar.

Contains: emulsifing condition pellets (palm free, plant based), cocoa butter, shea butter, glycerine, jojoba oil, wheat protein, vit B5, vit E, groovy grape fragrance oil.

To store: Lay your wet bar on the beeswax wrap to allow excess moisture to dry, then wrap to protect your bar from drying and cracking. Store in a dry place between uses

Mint & Lime Essential Oils – The Good Stuff

Both of these popular essential oils have anti-viral and antiseptic qualities, meaning your hair will get a really deep clean. Mint works well to reduce an itchy scalp and cool the skin, while the benefits of lime essential oil are endless. As lime promotes hair health this shampoo bar is excellent for dry, damaged or frizzy hair. It can contribute to hair growth, make your hair more luscious and smooth, and radiant and glowing!

Contains: Sodium cocoylisethionate, coco glucoside, conditioner pellets (palm free & plant based) organic coconut oil, mango butter, hydrolysed wheat protein, D-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), cococaprylate (fractionated coconut oil), mint & lime essential oils.

To use: Rub through your hair til it lathers, you don’t need lots of lather to wash hair. Rinse out.

To store: Lay your wet Shampoo Bar on the beeswax wrap to allow excess moisture to dry, then wrap to protect your bar from drying out and cracking. Store in a dry place between uses.

We are excited about our unique range of eco-friendly cleaning products and we know you’ll love them. With amazing fragrances, powerful natural ingredients, and no negative impact on waterways, gardens, people, or animals, Dream Eco Products are more than just eco-friendly cleaners. Try them out today and see why our customers love our products so much!

“Good for you and our planet”

Our search to re-define the essence of comfort has led us to uncover the unparalleled benefits of bamboo yarn. Easy on the skin, hypoallergenic and highly breathable, this miracle plant produces one of the softest yarns available.

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