The Ultimate Herbal Detox.

Say NO to winter fatigue, and YES to getting up in the morning full of energy.

With toxic overload and metabolic disease skyrocketing worldwide, Herbal Detox is needed more than ever. Maybe it’s time to give your body everything it needs for a fresh start…

A detox will help your body to release all kinds of toxic substances and undigested food that have accumulated through the winter. Your blood sugar level will be more constant and healthy during detox time, so you won’t have any afternoon dips. Tension leaves your body and mind when doing a detox, so you can go through the day more relaxed and stress free. We all know that stress is an energy killer, so a detox will provide a much more relaxed end of day. Your sleep will be of a much better quality, so you’ll need less of it. Even more time to enjoy life!

Come into Health for Life, talk to our Health Experts about this very comprehensive Detox and let us put a SPRING in your step.