Chicken Pox is back!

How can we help?

Symptoms start appearing 10 to 21 days after exposure to the virus. Full recovery from chickenpox usually takes 710 days after the symptoms first appear.

  • Take a cool bath – this will help.
  • Add uncooked oatmeal grains and baking soda to the water to help soothe the sores and calm the irritation.
  • After the bath, apply skin calming lotion or moisturizer such as Hyper-cal Lotion.
  • Apply cool compresses of chamomile, you can use a chamomile tea bag to add to extra itchy areas of the skin between baths.
  • At all our Health for Life stores we have had many years of experience dealing with the ‘chicken pox’ virus.

Your shopping list is:

  • Weleda chicken pox drops – taken internally on the onset of the spots, chicken pox drops work in synergy with the body to assist with fast healing along with some assistance with itchy skin.
  • Hyper-cal Lotion – apply to the pox to help relieve itchy skin and minimize scaring.
  • Chamomile Tea bags – saturate with warm water then apply to problem itchy area.