How can I be sure that the essential oils I use are safe?

In this Segment we would like to highlight our beautiful 100% Pure Organic Absolute Essential Oil. Essential oils require careful handling. They are very concentrated substances with specific active properties and it is important to follow professional guidelines and apply common sense as you would with any other medicine.

If you can’t find the ingredients on that can of air freshener you are currently using, or can’t pronounce them, why would you use it? This recipe uses essential oils that not only perfume your home but also carry mood enhancing benefits.

Ditch that air freshener – Bergamot and lavender room spray

  • 100 ml glass amber bottle
  • Fill with filtered water
  • Bergamot essential oil 15 drops
  • Lavender essential oil 15 drops - If you want a stronger fragrance you can use more

During the summer months you may wish to add 25 drops of Lemongrass to keep the flies outside, and if you are crafty you can make your own labels.

We stock the whole range of Absolute Essential oils.

Come into any of our Health for Life stores and mention this article when purchasing one or more fragrances and we will give you with our compliments a 100 ml atomizer bottle to get you started.