The Eco Toothbrush

Did you know that more than 2 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in land fill sites every year?

The Humble Smile Foundation brings together people that have chosen to share the responsibility of preventing oral disease. They work with like-minded organisations to deliver effective solutions that make a real difference to the lives of many.
Humble are helping you do your bit for the planet with their soft bristled brush by making their brushes eco friendly. The Humble Toothbrush is made from 100% biodegradable bamboo and lasts as long as a plastic toothbrush. Our soft bristle toothbrush has been certified free from the toxin BPA. The bristles are made out of nylon 6, a durable material that degrades over time and can be processed through regular waste channels.

Did you also know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth? It is naturally anti-bacterial which means that there is no need to use fertilisers or pesticides during it’s cultivation.

Get your Humble Toothbrush now. Not only are they packed in 100 per cent recycled materials, are eco-friendly and organic. Humble also donates a toothbrush to children in need of oral care for every toothbrush sold. Their aim is to prevent suffering caused by oral disease.