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Our Brand

We are very proud of our Health For Life brand which dates back to our foundation in 1997.  You may have known us by other brands in the past but we have always been Health For Life, and locally owned and operated.  After 20 years serving the natural health needs of our communities, it is time to focus on what matters most, our customers, our community and Health For Life.

Health For Life Community Health Stores is all about the people in our community and their needs.  We believe that the pathway to good health is to eat well and supplement wisely.  This is why we are Health For Life and our brand carries the strapline “your community health store”.

Our logo has the colours blue for the water and air that supports life on earth, and the greens that provide us with our nourishment and represent our beautiful country.  Our leaf represents the natural world that is the basis for good health.

Health for Life your community health store has been reimaged to better reflect what we are all about. Our crisp clean store presentation makes it easy for you to find our trusted brands and the products that we recommend during our personal consultations

The Plaza

Julie and team are looking forward to catching up with you for your Spring and Summer Health needs in our Plaza store.
Come into our store and check out our new products ranges.


Michele and the team are ready to share their knowledge about how to keep fit and healthy over the spring and summer months. There are new products ranges in our Coastlands store too.


Carla and the team in Feilding have some new products to show you. Keeping healthy with the change of seasons is very easy.

Come in and we will show you how.